October 1, 2014
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Hyderabad News
Netizens unite for Hyderabad roads
Jayakrishnan Sureshbabu/ Hyderabad: Utter apathy towards maintainance of city roads by GHMC officials led Jayakrishanan to start an online forum to apprise the commissioner of the situation.
Being a tax paying citizen, who is worried about bad roads around the place I live, I decided to file a complaint through the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) website in June 2013. The roads were in a very bad shape, causing accidents as well as health issues to motorists, making commuting a nightmare. The city has grown over time, but not its roads.
The fact that my complaint was left unattended worried me.

With the thought that citizen engagement with the system is the key to achieve development and resolution of issues, I along with a group of like-minded individuals started an event on Facebook educating netizens on the need to engage with the system and to raise awareness about how complaints can be lodged on the GHMC website. The fact that we had about 100 tickets lodged in a day with the GHMC when we started the event, made us realise the extent of the problem across the city of Hyderabad.

The citizens of this city are worried. They are tired of having to complain regularly on issues regarding bad roads. They are disappointed with the apathy of officials.  There are concerns across the city about the lack of co-ordination between multiple departments like the GHMC, Police, Water Board, Central Discom and APTransco regarding conditions of roads.

Hence, I decided to start a campaign on urging M T Krishna Babu IAS, Commissioner, GHMC and Navin Mittal IAS, Special Commissioner, GHMC, to take action and repair roads in Hyderabad. And post-repair, we also wanted a mechanism to be put in place to ensure that road maintenance is continued.

What started off as a spark is now turning into a wild fire with more than 4,000 citizens signing a petition on – signifying the true power of people coming together for a cause, people extending support from all across the globe to request for basic amenities, responsible citizens engaging with the system to have their issues addressed.
(The writer is a citizen journalist)

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