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AAP seeks members from Telangana region
Metro News/Hyderabad : Gearing up itself for the upcoming general elections, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) said that several leaders of people’s movement from the Telangana region had joined the party. It also issued a call asking prospective candidates for the Assembly elections.The state campaign committee (SCC) informed that president of Lambada Hakkula Porata Samiti Bellaiah Naik Tejavath, president of Golla Kuruma Hakkula Porata Samiti Gosula Srinivas Yadav, vice-president of Telangana Kranti Dal Chandra Prakash and leader of Natwan Sangham, a movement of adivasi women, Arjamma Marakam had joined the party.

Praising them for their work on issues of common people and disadvantaged communities across various parts of Telangana, convener of SCC B Ramakrishna Raju welcomed them into the party. He said that their participation would strengthen the party across the districts of Telangana and bring aboard cross section of social groups to participate in the political change that was sweeping the country. He stated that more such leaders and groups would join the party in the coming few days.AAP also released an application form to be filled out by persons interested in contesting the Assembly elections with the party ticket. The party had already been accepting applications for Lok Sabha elections, and has received a good response.

The forms are available for download on the website:
R Venkat Reddy, member of campaign committee said, “The state has become notorious across the country for its corruption, mis-governance and loot of public resources. The loot of natural gas from Krishna Godavari basin for the profits of Reliance and the various mining scandals has caused loss of lakhs of crores.” He said that the party is looking for individuals who would fight against corruption and bring fundamental change in politics, adding that special emphasis would be placed on honesty, integrity, experience in working for the common people, and belief in the core philosophy of the party.

The SCC informed that the candidate selection process would include scrutiny and shortlisting by a screening committee, taking inputs from the local district and constituency teams and decision by the political affairs committee.

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