December 23, 2014
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Seminar on democracy, socialism from March 7
Metro News/ Hyderabad : Telangana Vidhyavantula Vedika, Centre for Dalit Studies and Democracy Dialogues will be organising a seminar on ‘Democracy, Socialism and the Visions for the 21st century’ keeping in view the needs of the proposed State of Telangana.The three-day international seminar will begin on March 7 at Hotel Katriya.Former MLC and educationist Chukka Ramaiah, while addressing a press here on Tuesday, questioned whether it was possible to build a society free from injustice and inequity based on class, caste and gender. He said more than three-quarters of the population was forced to survive on less than Rs 25 a day while the number of millionaires continues to rise in the county. He said that eruption of an epic financial crisis in 2008, at the core of the capitalist system, wrecked world markets with deep economic turbulence that was unusual in its scope, depth and duration.

Convener for Telangana Vidhyavantulu Vedika Mallepalli Lakshmiah said that almost the whole global economic order has been affected by the financial crisis. “The crisis challenged and raised a strong critique of the much touted non-liberal alternative. It opened up the space for the anti-capitalist ideological and political opposition,” he said.Secretary for Centre for Dalit Studies (CDS) Y B Satyanarayana said that over the past few decades, liberal democracy, with all its inconsistencies, had become synonymous with democracy. “Liberal democracies across the world have never gone beyond or challenged the global system of capital that is responsible for the subversion of the project of democracy itself,” he said.Member of Anveshi Resource Centre for Women, K Lalita said that as against to the slogan of ‘There is no alternative’, the last five years have witnessed a popular acceptability of not only political but economic alternatives as well. “Is humanity condemned to live with exploitation, oppression, dehumanising working conditions, wars and a looming ecological catastrophe?” she asked.More than 25 countries will be participating at the event. The seminar will also be attended by a range of people from radical Dalit and women’s groups to human rights activists and students.

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